We started our goat experience with several Nubians and a Pygmy buck, intending to breed 1st Generation Kinders.  This is not a quick process. Along the way, we fell in love with the Nubian breed, both for their elegant profiles and rich milk, but also because I like a tall goat. We continue to refine our milkers, breeding for correctness, appropriateness for Kinders down the line, and for personality.  I really like our goats to get along.

Reference photos of Dams and Sires are available for most the Does, just ask.



(Lizzie x Naat)


Moxie Pedigree

Moxie is a sweet, calm doe.  She kidded with a doeling on Fathers Day in 2015, without assistance, our only black-eared kid on the farm to date!  Moxie has great brisket extension and is a breeze to handmilk, with nicely shaped udders and large orifices. Moxie easily gave 3-4 lbs milking once a day until she was 2 months pregnant again.


DeeDee (Delta Dawn)

Leah x Naat

DeeDee Pedigree

Dee Dee shares a sire with Moxie, though their dam’s influence is apparent in their makeup. Dee’s topline is quite level and her barrel more substantial – well suited to carrying 1st Generation Kinders!  She has her dam’s head and walk, though gets along well with the rest of the herd and we hope will be a good mother when she freshens this spring.



Chloe x Mikey

Emma Dot Shirley

Emma Pedigree

Emma is our last ‘original’ goat and herd queen and guard. Dottie is her daughter and they share the ability to ‘milk through’ the winter so we’ve been able to offset bred does with milkers and keep milk flowing year round. Emma is registered 50% Nubian and taught us how complicated it was to ‘breed up’ to American Nubian status.


Emma x Blackjack

Dottie Pedigree

Dottie was our first baby born at the farm and looks much like her Grandmother Chloe who was with us for the first year. Dot is an excellent mother, easy to hand milk with large orifices.  She is registered 75%, so doe kids can be American Nubian.