Raw Goat’s Milk


Milking Leah

We have raw goat milk from our Nubian goats available on a reserved basis. Contact us ahead for availability in 1/2 gallon bottles.

While we follow all the requirements of Grade A Raw Dairy Regulations in Massachusetts, technically we are not yet certified to sell milk for human consumption — only for animals or soap-making use.  We’re keeping an interested/wait list for when we complete the required milk room, so tell us to add your name — it will help us gauge herd size as we go forward and make it easy to keep you posted on our progress.

Nubian goats produce very rich milk at 6.5% butterfat (similar to Jerseys in the cow world) as do Kinders (8%+ milk fat) in generous volume, quickly growing to market size for those interested in meat, yet of an efficient and manageable size, with a charming personality!

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