Me, with our kid doe, “Lizzie”

I’m Jennifer and Dirigo Farm is my dream to push along, but the whole family is part of it.

I love learning new skills and working outside at the ever-changing jobs involved with farming, and have so much respect for the lifelong farmers I’ve come to know.  The ‘circle of life’ strategies of letting animals do the work fascinates me and I’m proud that we have so little waste on our farm — what we don’t eat, the chickens or goats do.

Rus building the horse shed

Rus building the horse shed

My husband Rus is a Maine Guide, loves to fish, hunt, keep a garden that feeds us 6 months of the year and fix 
cranky old farm equipment. He works full-time off the farm, serves on numerous other boards including CISA, and his financial support and hard weekend work have made our “farm” dreams possible.


Rachel with newborn Nubian doelings

Rachel graduated from UMass and lives in Boston, writing “UX” copy for Athena Health, but is a great cheerleader from afar.  She makes it home to help with kidding and is ever available with words of encouragement, or breaking apart questions I’ve debated too long.



Alden listening to the horses

Alden, our teenager, has a gift for animals and is thoughtful about them in a way no one else is, but resists the concept strongly.  While Rus and I work through the never-ending weekend chore list, Alden will reflect on a particular chicken or goat behavior that we fail to observe. He handles farm implements like a pro when we get him outside and I hope will come to appreciate growing up in a rural place.

Contact us at:  dirigo.farm@gmail.com


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  1. Eric & Liz

    Hello my name is Eric. My wife and I are interested in purchasing 3 Kinder does. How much would you charge? Thank you.

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