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2015-05-23 (2)Goat Kids!

Our goats kidded in April and May with unexpectedly cold weather, and one snow birth. It was good I knitted baby coats this winter as they came in handy to toss on cold newborns while their siblings were coming into the world.

We had 12 kids born, including quads from a first freshener (!)  and no losses, though it was a buck year (7 bucks, 5 does). We could not fulfill our reservations for doelings but do have 5 nice looking Kinder bucks and 1 Nubian still available. See our updated available list:

2016 Kid List As of 7-9-16

Photos are updated regularly in the 2016 Kids album on our Facebook page. We prefer to place at least two goats in a new home together as they adapt better, but will discuss other options.  For additional information on our breeding protocol, see our Goat Herd page.
Kids are dam-raised unless bottling is necessary and weaned at about 12 weeks before they leave the farm, so ready by August.  As always, they are well socialized to the sights and sounds of a busy farm environment, this year especially so as we’re under construction on a manure composting facility (see the photo album on our Facebook page here) so it’s been a busy place.